‘Love’ is a netflix original, romantic comedy series created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust.  The series follows Gus (Paul Rust, I Love You Beth Cooper) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs, Community) to explore the male and female perspectives of the complicated, modern dating world. The main characters and the show itself are drenched […]

V/H/S & V/H/S 2

The “V/H/S” series are anthology horror films comprised of found-footage shorts. It is part of a trilogy but avoid the 3rd entry “V/H/S: Viral.” If you’re looking for a good horror film for Halloween, I suggest storing these two in your arsenal. The films offer a total of 9 shorts, 2 overarching stories to mend […]

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest is a 1999 comedy sci-fi film that is a homage to Star Trek and other 60s/70s sci-fi television shows. The movie showcases the fictional ensemble cast of a canceled television series Galaxy Quest. Years after the show is canceled, the cast members suffer typecasting and even though some of them hate the character […]

The Invitation

Karyn Kusama, whose previous work includes the fantastic Girlfight, directs a great psychological thriller called The Invitation, which can be described as The Big Chill in hell. It’s a slow burner, so it will take time to grab the viewer’s attention. I found the plot and events to be a little predictable but nonetheless, the […]


Primer is confusing as it is impressive. Filmed with a low-budget of $7,000 and a plot surrounding time-travel, you’d expect the movie to have flaws and bad effects. You would be extremely wrong. The film follows Aaron and Abe, who are two engineers, working on a tech project involving altering an object’s weight using electromagnetic […]